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Scifikids: an educational augmented reality kit for Kids!

Scifikids in an augmented reality based app which provides immersive 3D experiences of the information increasing your child's retention power and significantly making the process of learning easier, fun and interactive. Scifikids brings cutting edge technology to your palm top. More importantly it’s for you and for your kids to make them ready for dynamic future.

What is Augmented Reality & AR Kit

Augmented Reality is a technology that merges your physical environment with digitally produced information of the object you see through your camera. It provides new ways to access information and interact with the object you see through the camera lens.


This kit is your safari to the zoo. It consists of 32 augmented reality experiences, where the alphabets introduce you to 26 different animals, teaching your child how to spell and pronounce their names correctly, and 6 drawing sheets to bring their creativity to life.
Look out for this social gathering that happens at your place, as you scan out 20 augmented reality experiences, which give your child an idea of different professionals who serve the society for its proper functioning.
With 20 augmented reality experiences riding in one box, this kit brings to your house, the different modes of transport, where your child learns as they interact with the vehicles without missing out on the joy of playing with them.
This kit brings home 24 augmented reality experiences of world’s top 20 musical instruments for your child to grasp how different they sound and surprise them with fun activities that they would want to get engaged with again and again.
This kit opens your child’s vision to the world of different shapes and introduces them to some of the common shapes we see in the world. It comes with 20 augmented reality experiences for your child to learn and retain in their memory by participating in quizzes.
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Why Scifikids & It's Features

Why Scifikids App

• Scientifically proven app for experience based learning
• Increases your child creativity
• Provides with immersive mental stimulation to your child
• Accelerates their thinking ability
• Fun and Interactive Learning experiences resulting in better retention of the concepts

Scifikids Features

a) Free 3D trail interactive augmented reality experiences, after the app is downloaded.
b) Free pdf version of the kit will be mailed to the user once they login.
c) Refer and earn Program can be used for benefits.
d) The app can also be accessed when one is offline.
e) Easy to use and available with tutorials.
e) An Augmented Reality app for iOS and Android smart phones and tab.
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