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Eye Level is the Global leader in self-directed learning “After School Program”. Established in 1986, at Daekyo. With the global presence in 22 Countries around the world, stationed in 11 Countries, with more than 2.5 Million students around the World, Eye Level has benefited a wide range of students through its education philosophy and individualized programs.

Eye Level -- Math

Eye Level Math has two main sections: Basic Thinking Math(BTM) and Critical Thinking Math(CTM). The knowledge students acquire at Eye Level goes beyond the classroom and can be applied to everyday life situations. At completion of the Eye Level math, students will not only have mastered basic arithmetic operations and mathematical thinking, but also develop greater concentration, better study habits and increased self-confidence reasoning. Students are assigned to their levels based on test results, not by their grade levels.

Benefits of Math:
• Systematic study materials for all levels.
• Step-by-step study materials that develop the ability to solve problems independently.
• Interactive teaching methodology that incorporates proactive feedback.
• Develop critical and analytical thinking skills.
• Allow students to utilize their skills in all areas of study.

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Eye Level -- English

Eye Level English instills the necessary motor skill for reading and writing, from the fundamentals of grammar to the more complex concepts focusing on the mastery of verbal and written communication. Students become fully fluent and English experts as a result of the thematic approaches, repetition and stimulating strategies.
Eye Level English focuses on Four Main Fundamental Skills:
• Reading
• Listening
• Writing
• Speaking
Within the program, students have the ability to reinforce their English skill with such activities as Active Listening, Writing Prompts & Phonics. Allow students to reach Mastery of Language skills.
Benefits of Eye Level English:
• Learn English with Fun and Ease.
• Integrate a wide range of vocabulary including both meaning and usage.
• Develop an appreciation for Reading.
• Gain Self-Confidence in Studying English Language Arts.
• Able to master English Language skills up to native level.

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Math and English


12 Noon - 07:00 PM

Age Group

3 to 16 Years
Batch Size Depends on the program offered


Please Contact Center
Locality Brookefield
Address Sri Narayani Arcade, 2nd Floor, Kundalahalli Gate, Above Bata Showroom, Opp. HYyperCity Mall, ITPB Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037
Contact No 07259666222
EmailID: eyelevelwhitefield@gmail.com

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