Culture Aangan: Social Enterprise, Sustainable Rural Tourism!

“It is not the language of painters but the language of nature which one should listen to…The feeling for the things themselves, for reality, is more important than the feeling for pictures.” – Vincent van Gogh.
Culture Aangan is all about experiences, bringing alive five sense, a magic of mother nature and culture. Our experiences become rich learning grounds for self-discovery, knowledge, buildingself-confidence and taking care of the environment and lot more.

About Culture Aangan

Being closer to nature engages all five senses of a child and inspires the childto learn naturally by exploration and experimentation.
Share Culture:
We want to share the culture of village life that has existed for centuries. From local arts and crafts to recipes, songs and dance. Our guests experiencing the vibrant colour and joy of rural life.
Community Support:
We support the local community by ensuring that many are involved in the activities that our guest experience and in teaching them how to host their visitors. The intention is for local villages to benefit from rural tourism to support and continue their way of life.
We support villages to be sustainable, both environmentally and also culturally. By learning from them and supporting the community, we aim to ensure our activities contribute positively to the community and its longevity. Our properties are also fitted with sustainable features including working water wells, low consumption fire wood water boilers and CFL lights.
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Multiple Activities at Culture Aangan

Culture Aangan Traditional Art and Crafts

Rangoli workshops (designing with colored powder)/ Block printing.
Chitrakathi (tribal painting)
Puppetry shows (string and Shadow)
Archeological visit
By engaging in artful activities, not only does the child get creative satisfaction and pleasure, but also numerous developmental benefits. It helps build Inventive skills, Decision making skills, Visual learning skills, Perseverance, focus, language skills, cultural awareness and so on. Puppetry also teaches the art of storytelling. Learning from Nature Trail:
A Nature Walk is an excellent way to stimulate a child's appreciation for the natural world. Go for a nature walk with your children and ask them to tell you what they see, hear, smell or feel.
Butterfly Trails:
These fun butterfly facts for kids are a perfect way to teach children about caterpillars and butterflies. The learn to appreciate beauty and the magic of transformation that exist in nature.
Dolphins watch:
Dolphins have inspired us to learn. They have led us down paths of discussion and exploration, directed by the children’s curiosity. What is a mammal? Do dolphins have ears? How do dolphins communicate? How do marine mammals breathe? How do fish breathe? We have wondered if dolphins are interested in us when they come close to our boat, and we have imagined other real and fantastic creatures that live in the sea.
Snokelling & Scuba:
This is an excellent way for your kids to learn about underwater life. ...
Visits to Emu farms:
Visits to farms teaches children skills that can never be taught in a classroom. ... Kids who farm learn how important their role is in the production of the food that. They can introduce children to farm animals; or to the work of the farmer; or to where their food is grown; or to innovative ways to explore curriculum subjects.

Benefits at Culture Aangan

More Educative programs designed to suite the curriculum on Request:

• Understanding Rural development & Local Governance

• UnderstandingAgricultural Patterns, dairy farming, -animal husbandry, -poultry, -fish culturing, -soil testing methods

• Understanding Rural Life and Activities to include visits to weather station, agriculture and fruit research stations, credit societies, cooperative banking & rural governance

We invite you have a look at our website:www.cultureaangan.com

Write to us from school related programs specifically design for different age groups at: info@cultureaangan.com
Reach out to contact@eduparna.com
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