Dealing with Peer Pressure

deal peer pressure

Peer pressure is a big factor with children and teenagers. They can be pressured into drugs, drinking, smoking, sex, hanging out with a bad crowd, and even change their looks or personality. You can do many things to avoid and deal with peer pressure, whether you're responding to peers or changing your own actions.

1. Dismiss the question
One way to respond is to dismiss their request. This takes advantage of the fact that the person may won't remember that they asked you earlier, and they likely will not ask again.
2. Tell them "NO!"
The most basic way to respond to peer pressure, and often the scariest, is to just say "NO!" It may not sound very fun or easy but this is the best way to respond. Say "NO!" and stay firm. This will save you the trouble of getting pressured again in the future, because it sends a clear message that you're not interested.
3. Make a joke
You can also shut down a request from a peer by turning the request into a joke. This shows the person that you think the request is laughable, which will quickly tell them that you won't listen to them.
4. Change the subject
When someone asks or tells you to do something that you don't want to do, there are lots of ways that you can respond. One way to respond that can help you avoid the issue is to just change the subject. By changing the subject, you can put off the question until you feel you're ready to respond in a different way.
5. Make an excuse to leave
Another option is to get out of the situation by leaving. Make an excuse for why you need to leave quickly. Apologize and get away, so that you can avoid them and maybe even think of a different way to handle the problem
6. Turn the pressure around
Another route which takes bravery but can help not only you but also the other person is to turn the peer pressure in the other direction. Use the opportunity to change their behavior instead of letting them change yours.
7. Be careful who you hang out with
The best way to avoid bad peer pressure is to avoid people who get into situations like that. Sometimes, we become friends with people because they're cool and we want to be cool, too, but a lot of the time those people don't really care about us. Your real friends will understand when things make you uncomfortable and they won't pressure you into doing things you don't want to do.
8. Keep busy with healthy activities
Another way to avoid peer pressure is to spend leisure time doing activities that you really enjoy, instead of with people who will pressure you.
9. Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice
The thing about peer pressure is that just about everyone - even adults - experience it.. Lots of people have found ways to deal with it and by asking for advice, you might find some really helpful techniques. Someone that knows you better might also be able to give you advice that's more specific to your situation. Just be sure that you're asking someone you really trust.
10. Make your own decisions
A good way to boost your confidence and make you more comfortable telling your peers "NO!" is to work on making more decisions for yourself in your everyday life. No one gains true skills without practicing and standing up for what they want.

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  • by- Ananya Singh
  • MONDAY, JANUARY 09, 2017
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